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Heh. Today’s User Friendly made

Heh. Today’s User Friendly made me laugh out loud.


It might take me a

It might take me a while to do the conversion of the old archives. The files are there, but I have to convince Greymatter to add them to the archive index, which is more than I have time for right now. Or maybe I’ll find the answer right away instead of having to dig through a bunch of code. Either way, I’m sure you’ll live.

Update: it was easy. Old archives are there and hopefully working.


IE6 released

Well, for what it’s worth Internet Explorer 6 has been released, only for Windows so far. This will most likely overwrite your existing IE installation, so please proceed with caution. In fact, for that reason alone I’m likely to hold off on testing it. The only Windows machines I have available to me are at work, and I’m hesitant to install more than I need to, especially since most of our users are unlikely to be using IE6 anytime soon.

Besides, I’m still raging over IE5.5 service pack 2 disabling Quicktime support. In case you didn’t catch that bit of nastiness, Robert Cringely has some interesting observations about it, placing it in the context of Microsoft’s struggles with Sun over Java.


OK, I’m back, with a

OK, I’m back, with a new and very simple design. As before, you’re better off using a browser that supports CSS well.

I’ve also started using Greymatter for updates, and am busy going through to make sure that it’s producing valid XHTML throughout. So far so good, but I’m still finding the occasional problem. Fine piece of work, Greymatter.

I’ll have to spend a little time getting the archive converted over, but it oughtn’t take long. Then there’ll be something in the menu. :)

I wanted to point to something that’s got me pretty excited:tunneling XML-RPC with Jabber. I’m starting to use XML-RPC in earnest, and just love the idea of using Jabber as well. I doubt that my first XML-RPC-based tools will need to use Jabber, but I’ll for damn sure play around with it and offer it as an option!

And considering the time I’ve spent recently thinking about collaboration and communication, I’ll also point to the article that got me excited about IM as a useful tool for collaboration instead of just a teenage AOL user’s toy: For Your Eyes Only?
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