I tithe to O’Reilly.

It’s like I can’t help myself. I devote a certain amount of my income to technical books, and most of those that I buy are O’Reilly, whether or not they’re actually what I need to get. I was in the bookstore the other day, giving serious consideration to buying Programming C# and Programming ASP.NET. I have very little reason to know either C# or ASP.NET and am unlikely to anytime in the next year or more. There’s far too much other stuff to learn that would actually apply to platforms that I work with. But the books looked good, and I do have an interest in learning more about .NET. Somehow I managed not to buy them, but it was a close call. And something tells me that within a couple months, I’ll have read them both.

Fortunately I’m a Safari subscriber, partly for this reason. And now that I’m not taking the bus into work anymore (where we’re living now makes that impractical, though I’ll be getting back to the bus in the summer), and much of my reading time is gone as a result, I can read more online.