Netscape 6.2.3 has been released. This is just a security fix, patching the XMLHttpRequest vulnerability. It’s still based on Mozilla 0.9.4. Glad though I am that Netscape released a more secure browser, I am waiting very anxiously for a new major version built on a more recent Mozilla. I mean, Mozilla’s in 1.0rc2!

I suppose (just a guess) that they’re waiting for a final release of Mozilla 1.0. If that’s the case, then OK. I can wait.

Why I care about Netscape 6: my job. A lot of offices — my own included — are waiting for the next major release of Netscape before upgrading from version 4. I also care because 6.2.3 still feels kinda klunky and is missing a lot of the good stuff from recent Mozilla builds, stuff that I expect to make it a favorite for a lot of people.