Well, I made it. O’reilly’s Open Source Convention. Cool. There is, as expected, a wireless connection in the meeting areas, so I look forward to scanning the blogs to see how others feel about the thing.

Travel tips for the untravelled: curb-side luggage check-in is a service for which one should tip. Make sure the airline staff give you the right boarding pass. And yes, I’m proud that you remembered to bring a toothbrush. Now for the kicker: toothpaste? I hereby apologize to the fella who sat at breakfast with me before I had a chance to buy some. At least I wasn’t too talktative. As if I ever would be that early in the morning.

The weather here is great, and it’s clouded up a bit today, something with which I’m more comfortable than sunny, clear, blinding skies. I got out a little bit yesterday, for a walk along the bay (unless it’s called something else), but otherwise I was kinda wiped out all day. I don’t know why, maybe cuz I hardly slept this past week. Pity, too, since I had some work to do, something that will have to wait until later today after the tutorials. Damn. I had very much hoped to have that done by now so I could enjoy all my evenings more. At least I can sit on my room’s balcony and code.

There’s a couple here with an infant, pushed around in a little Jeep stroller. Cute as the dickens. And makes me all the more aware that I’ve left my pregnant wife at home. But Kiara would be bored silly here unless she had someone to hang around with. Maybe next time.

I’m excited for my first tutorial, which starts pretty soon, Mastering Data Structures and References in Perl. This is something that I feel like I understand pretty well, but I don’t really grok. Many of my tutorial and session choices were made with just that in mind,

I do plan to write more about the conference as I go, but I need to set up a better way of doing so. That something else that I’d hoped to do last night instead of sleep. ‘Til later, then.