Mozilla 1.1 has been released (download), hours after I downloaded 1.1b via my newly-functioning broadband connection. If you ‘ve been using 1.0, you’ll like this.

Now, if Netscape would just release verion 7.0, I’d be a happy man. I long ago started feeling personally responsible for the fact that we’re still using Netscape 4.7x at work. The LAN staff asked about upgrading to 6.23, and I strongly suggested they hold off until 7 was released, since it’d be built on a much newer and more stable codebase. 7.0 PR1 has been available for months now, and people are getting a bit testy. I’m one of them. I’d love to leave Netscape 4 behind.

On the other hand, I do believe in getting things right rather than shipping ahead of schedule. Netscape 6 was released before it should have been. Perl 6 is being released when it’s good and ready. I guess I should be patient and wait for Netscape to do the same with version 7: release it when it’s good and ready. Thing is, Mozilla 1.0 was released some time ago, 1.1 is now out, it should be ready, already! Or so it seems to me.

‘Course, the question should be asked: what have I done to help? Nada. So I’ll shut up now.

And oh yes. What of that broadband connection I mentioned? In talking with AT&T tech support last night, after two and a half days of trying to get this dang thing working, they suggested that I eject the installation CD. Bingo, everything worked. Oh yes, of course the CD would tie up the network connection. How silly of me not to have seen that. Sheesh.