Remember the Star Trek episode “Patterns of Force“? Kirk and Spock discover a Nazi-like regime headed up by Kirk’s old Academy professor John Gill. Turns out that Gill is being heavily drugged and used as a figurehead Führer, kept in a small room and forced to give speeches to rally the people of Ekos in a war against the nearby planet Zeon.

That’s what I’m reminded of whenever I see George Bush delivering a speech on television, especially when he’s speaking from the Oval Office. The expressionless, fish-eyed stare, the way his head doesn’t move, how he doesn’t seem to understand what he’s saying… it wigs me out.

Lest you misunderstand me, I’m not reacting to the war by taking personal jabs at Bush. Give me some credit. It’s just that I honestly have a hard time watching him deliver a speech.