Sam and Owen in a train We took Owen to the Jackson Street Roundhouse on Saturday, a cool little railroad museum not far from downtown Saint Paul. Funny how after years of living in Saint Paul, I had no idea that it existed. Not that I would have been terribly interested before I had a kid to take there. They have a number of restored / preserved railroad cars on display, an impressive Lego rail village, a number of wooden train sets set up, caboose rides … lots of fun. Last Saturday and next they’ve got some Christmas activities, which is what drew us there. Owen’s really into trains, so he was in heaven.

Tip: the caboose ride is cool, but if it’s busy enough for them to add a passenger car, ride in that. You can’t see much from the caboose unless you’re lucky enough to snag a spot in the upper level.

The Vulcans stopped by while we were there, spreading the warmth and handing out buttons & coloring books. I believe that next Saturday the Winter Carnival royalty will be there around noon.

Owen and Santa While there, we passed Santa a couple times. He beckoned to Owen, who by now knows who Santa is but wasn’t willing to just rush up to him. After a while, he warmed up to the idea and sat on Santa’s lap while Kiara took a picture. I think how we’re handling the Santa thing is just deal with it matter-of-factly, sharing stories and songs, taking advantage of the happy merging of fantasy and reality that kids at this age are blessed with. We’ll see how far that takes us. :)