Yesterday I took Owen to Crosby Regional Park along the Mississippi River (satellite photo). We’ve been going for walks along the river since he was born, and Crosby is one of my favorite spots, a pleasant wooded oasis in an urban setting. You don’t have to step far from the road before you feel like you’re deep in the woods. On, granted, a well-maintained and usually paved trail. :) I wanted to make it there a couple times this spring before the mosquitos are out — ’cause once they’re out, they’re everywhere. It’s something of a perfect breeding ground.

We had just started walking around the lake when Owen suddenly sat in the plants at the edge of the trail. Poison ivy, of course, but I foolishly didn’t realize it until a minute or two later when he asked, “Why does my arm hurt?” Sure enough, he had a rash. Poor guy. He was a real champ, though, and didn’t scratch or even rub it once I told him that doing so would make it worse. We had to cut our walk short, but he’s eager to go back soon.