Century College has a couple new positions posted: a DBA ( SQL Server and Oracle), and a web application developer (.NET). They look like good jobs, and the people at Century would be cool to work with. If I were a .NET developer and weren’t very happy where I am, I’d be all over that web job. Deadline’s tomorrow if you’re interested. (Sorry, I thought it was Friday.)

It’s interesting that these are two new ITS 3 positions. It’s a widely held misconception within the system that community colleges can’t get ITS 3s, that they’re unofficially capped at 2 (on a scale of 1-5). This is demonstrably false. Job classification & level is determined by a complex interaction of factors, including scope, impact (what happens if you screw up), type of responsibility, reportability … you almost have to be entrenched in the HR world to really grok it. I’ve seen how those decisions are made, and let me tell you: the position description is extremely important. I haven’t seen many ITS PDs at the two-year colleges that I think merit a 3, even when I know the person is operating at that level. My hat’s off to Century for successfully making the case for ITS3 on these positions.