It’s been hot lately. Mid-80s most days, tomorrow is will be 95. Kiara … well, she doesn’t handle the heat all that well. I grew up believing that 80-85 is ideal, but once it gets above 75 Kiara pretty much loses it. Especially considering how humid it’s been. I came home today to the announcement that we are buying an air conditioner. Just big enough to cool the living room. The house has forced air, so we plan to get AC for the whole house in a few years once we can scrape together a few thousand dollars, but until then making life tolerable for my sweetie would be a Good Idea.

So off we go, pick up the window unit, come home, put the kid to bed, read the instructions, and find that we need pieces of wood to brace the air conditioner on the sill. Great. We have some odd-sized scraps about, but nothing that actually works. I’m waiting now, while Kiara races off to Menards to buy wood.

The real test, I think, will be putting it in the window without waking Owen.

Update: That went reasonably well. We managed not to wake the boy, even with the nail pounding. I don’t understand why these things just don’t fall out of windows all the time, though, it seems a tenuous setup at best.