In a conversation on the Agile Toolkit Podcast, Dave Thomas mentioned that the Pragmatic Programmers are publishing a book on Erlang. I’m fairly certain he said it was due this summer but I can’t be bothered to check, sorry.

This is good news! The next month or so are really busy for me, working on a couple presentations and a side project or two, and after that I’ll be digging into Scala in a big way, but then I do want to look into Erlang. Why? Concurrency. It just plain fascinates me. I also happen to believe that it will be increasingly important in the coming years, especially with multi-core systems turning up on everyone’s desk or lap. But mostly I’m just interested. Java Concurrency in Practice is staring at me from the bookshelf, I should probably crack that open.

Ah, so little time…

Update: the book has been released in beta.