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RSS is still kickin'

It appears that RSS is not dead. There's a new article on WebReference, "The Evolution of RSS", and an upcoming O'Reilly Book: Content Syndication with XML and RSS.

Good. I remember getting caught up in the flurry of RSS activity a couple years ago, activity that seemed to suddenly stop. Sure, developers have been incorporating RSS into their sites by either creating a feed, using a feed, or both, but development of RSS itself stopped dead. Bummer.

You may point out that RSS is dead simple, so what more development did it need? Added complexity would only make it unusable. True. One of the things that makes XML-RPC nice to work with (as compared to, say, SOAP) is that development of the protocol stopped a few years ago, so it's stable. What was disheartening to me is that I didn't see a lot of interest in building cool new things with RSS. Maybe that's changing.