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DOER does it again.

The State of Minnesota will soon stop printing and mailing paper copies of our paystubs (for those of us who do direct deposit) and is making paycheck information available on the Web. Great! I'm glad to see this, and especially glad that the site isn't blocking browsers other than Internet Explorer on Windows. They've been known to do that. There are some minor issues with how it interacts with Mozilla, but nothing that prevents my access to the content.

Well, there is one thing: the site is receiving more traffic than they anticipated and it's unresponsive. Connections are sometimes just outright refused. They say that they didn't expect the traffic. Excuse me?! They didn't anticipate heavy traffic? Why in the world would they not think that some 15,000 50,000 State employees would be hitting this thing on the day that it's announced? Or on payday?


I'm trying to be polite because these people are my colleagues. But I'm sure you can imagine what I'm thinking.