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Conference Proposals Accepted.

Woo-hoo! Both my proposals for an upcoming IT conference have been accepted (the conference is internal to our system, though there's been talk about someday doing a joint conference with the U). I'm psyched.

I'll be doing a session on web application security, which will be solidly founded on the OWASP Top Ten. I'll also be doing an introductory tutorial on regular expressions. I find too few people who know about regex, and it's just far too useful a tool to ignore. That session will also complement the security one, as regex are a Good Thing when doing input validation.

I had started to write a proposal to talk about unit testing and test-driven development but decided that two were plenty. Heh.

Now I just need to get working on the presentations. I'm actually considering using PowerPoint, though I would prefer to do it in XHTML (and so probably will). Most of my presentations in the past have been pretty much off the cuff, although I've thrown together slides to tie it all together. I want these to be a little more polished: I need a clear structure to do a tutorial, and something to keep me reined in to a time frame when I start talking about security.