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Talks I want to give

The MnSCU IT Conference takes place in a couple months, and I'm gearing up for my presentation. This is a conference for IT staff on our colleges and universities throughout the state, and in recent years has been the one time when we can get most of the campus web folk in one place. It's also one of the few chances I get to make public presentations, so I jump at it: I'm arrogant enough to think that I have something worth saying. Still, every year when the call for proposals is announced, I wrestle with ideas for what talk about. In the past I've covered web accessibility, XML, regular expressions, and web application security. This year I considered doing what I did last year (two sessions, one on regex and one on web app security), but decided it was best if I just stick to one presentation and take the time to make it top-notch. Still, in case the opportunity arises, here are topics I considered proposing:

In the end I went with web application security testing, because I really think we need to pay more attention to security and I want people to walk away with concrete skills. Testing seemed appropriate. We shall see.