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iBook in for repair

Kiara brought our iBook into the Apple Store yesterday. Owen filled me in on the details this morning:

"Papa, there's no computer here for you to use."

"Oh no? Why not?"

"Mama brought it to the Apple store. It has a board inside that's broken, so when you use it, the screen doesn't work!"

"Oh no!"

"They took it and they're going to put in a new board so it will work."

"Well that's good. How long will it take?"

"They said they would keep it there for seven days."

That about sums it up. Don't believe for a minute that young children don't understand what's going on around them (Owen turned three a month ago).

The video card is shot. After the computer warms up, the screen goes bonkers and displays a not-entirely-pleasing set of vertical lines. It seems the card is placed above a significant heat source and over time, all the expanding and contracting of the connections wears them out. Although the iBook itself is out of warranty, this is apparently a known issue and is covered by some special hardware warranty, so we're told the repairs will be done at no charge. I doubt it will take a whole seven days: the repair status page shows that it arrived in the repair center the same day it was dropped off in the store.