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New CPAN upload: Jabber::RPC, a

New CPAN upload: Jabber::RPC, a Perl implementation of Jabber-RPC. See also DJ Adams’s Jabber-RPC page.



MAPE’s called a strike.

“‘This is a respect issue, not a money issue,’ said MAPE Executive Director Jim Monroe.”



Copyright Endurance and Change. From

Copyright Endurance and Change. From yet another smart little issue of the Journal of Electronic Publishing.


An interesting set of ideas

An interesting set of ideas about why it’s safe to use IIS. Not entirely persuasive, but some good points. I’d say more if I weren’t so drawn to Star Trek. :-)

I’m still waiting to hear from a colleague who uses IIS. I really do want to know where the advantage is over something like Apache.


Crypto and Perl.

Asymmetric Cryptography in Perl.

By all rights, of course, I should be watching the premiere of the new Star Trek series.


Been looking into XUL, Mozilla’s

Been looking into XUL, Mozilla’s XML-based user interface language. Be sure to see this tutorial.


Security flaw in PHP implementation of XML-RPC.

Edd Dumbill: “All releases up to and including version 1.0 of XML-RPC for PHP have a serious security vulnerability, allowing hostile remote clients or servers to execute arbitrary code on your machine.” Update now.


I’ve been getting back into

I’ve been getting back into coffee, after a couple-year lapse. It probably started when I began my new job and a new ritual of walking to Dunn Bros. (on Grand) to grab a cup on the way to work. Too, a new shop’s opened up, another one that does its own roasting. Not bad so far.

What I really miss, though, is roasting and cupping. To some degree I’ve been able to enjoy some of that experience thanks to Michael, who’s had me over to try some of his espresso blends. Michael’s one of the very few people I know who understand espresso and enjoy it at the same level I do. He introduced me to Sweet Maria’s, and boy am I itching to start roasting again soon. They’ve got some truly excellent green coffee.



Wonderful weekend. We managed to do a bunch of vacation-like stuff this weekend, instead of just hanging around at home. It made for a very relaxing, heartening time.

This morning we went to the zoo to see the Meerkat exhibit. For some reason I have a soft spot for Meerkats. Cute little things. Cool exhibit, if smaller than I expected. There’s this tunnel that kids can use to climb into a clear plastic bubble right in the middle of the exhibit. Great fun.


I’m surprised that I haven’t

I’m surprised that I haven’t said anything here about the SSSCA. Here:

The Register: Copy-control Senator sleeps while fair-use rights burn.

Wired: New Copyright Bill Heading to DC.

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