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Fantastic NASA video

NASA has this stunning video of the moon orbiting the earth from the point of view of the Deep Impact spacecraft, 31 million miles away. Just watching the earth rotate is impressive enough, even for someone raised on science fiction movies. But then: whoa! What’s that?! The moon passes through the scene. Wow.

It seems so simple, but it blows me away. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched the video. I remain astonished by how big the moon is compared to the earth. Every time I watch it, I’m left with an overwhelming sense of how inconceivably huge the universe is. And here we are, just floating in it.


Andrew van der Stock at OWASP Twin Cities on Wednesday

At the risk of making this an “all OWASP, all the time” blog, I do want to say that Andrew van der Stock will be speaking in Minneapolis tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:00 p.m. Actually a little after 6, since we usually let folks trickle in for ten minutes or so.

Andrew is the project lead for both the OWASP Guide and the OWASP Top 10, among other worthy activities. Let me tell you, those are monumental tasks. He’ll be talking about the Developer Guide 3.0. WIth the publishing of the OWASP Testing Guide, a lot of the content in the current developer guide has become redundant, so we should expect a different (more concise?) focus in the new version.

I’ve been looking forward to meeting Andrew for a long time now. Since his move to the U.S. from Australia a couple years back, I’ve been hoping we might cross paths. Looks like tomorrow’s my chance. Hope to see you there.