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Building Apache 1.3.22 and PHP

Building Apache 1.3.22 and PHP 4.0 for Mac OS X 10.1.



RIAA Wants to Hack Your PC

“If the current version of the USA Act becomes law, the RIAA believes, it could outlaw attempts by copyright holders to break into and disable pirate FTP or websites or peer-to-peer networks.”

Damn straight!

Apparently the RIAA feels that this would maintain the status quo, ensuring that current Federal law, which gives them these rights (?!), wouldn’t be overturned. Yeah.

Update: Looks like their efforts failed, thank goodness. See Lisa Rein’s weblog on Oreillynet for more information and an update.



MySQL 4.0 has been released. Currently in alpha. Why is it that major version releases are alpha? It’s that way with Apache 2.0, too. As time goes on, I understand version numbering schemes less and less. This does not detract from my excitement over MySQL 4’s release. I’m looking forward to a stable server that I can feel comfortable using in production.


Eight planets found around nearby

Eight planets found around nearby stars. “The eight new worlds bring the total number of planets known to be circling other stars to 74.” I had no idea.


MAPE settlement.

General details of the MAPE settlement.

People are back at work today. I haven’t noticed any tensions yet, which is a relief to me. Oh, except for this message from our Vice Chancellor for Human Resources:

“As we all get back to the business of serving students and our campuses, I want to make perfectly clear to all employees that we expect everyone to respect the choices individuals made during the strike. We will not tolerate favoritism, retaliation or harassment of individuals based on their actions during the strike.”

Nice words, and they have to be said, but there’s been some grumbling about them. Probably because of the phrasing of “We will not tolerate” . . . Oh well. Make a common enemy in HR, maybe it’ll help smooth things over. :-)



WebReference: XML Import/Export for the Masses. Add-ons for Word and WordPerfect that allow the import and export of XML.

Or you could just use StarOffice.


A couple releases: Mozilla 0.9.5,

A couple releases: Mozilla 0.9.5, which includes a couple neat new features like tabbed browsing and (at long last) support for the link element, for easy browsing of multi-page documents. Mozilla just keeps getting better.

Too, Apache 1.3.22 has been released.


afongen update

I’ve made some changes to the layout. Got rid of the news page in favor of the sidebar on the left there. It probably looks pretty nasty on Netscape 4 and other older CSS-almost-supporting browsers, but I no longer care.


Tentative Agreement!

The state and the unions reached a tentative agreement this morning! Looks like people will be headed back to work Monday. Yay!

Details of the TA are forthcoming, being withheld until the union boards have a chance to ratify it.


Slashdot: Run Mac OS X

Slashdot: Run Mac OS X On Those Old Macs.

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