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I love it. Today I got spam with headers forged to look like it came from the webmaster at Uh, that’s me. I don’t think you’re fooling anyone.



Awww, CmdrTaco proposed today on Slashdot.


esigning for Standards

13th Parallel: Designing for Standards: Separating structure from style and behaviour.


Sarcastic SOB

Note to self: when on a conference call with people you don’t know well (if at all), restrict use of sarcasm. Otherwise you’ll come off sounding a nasty little sonofabitch.


XML CMS responses

I’ve received some great feedback on my XML – CMS essay. Thanks to all who have written. I’ll write back soon, and then will write a follow-up article later this week that incorporates the comments I’ve received so far.


MAPE contract may not be ratified

The Minnesota State Legislature is considering this week (today?) whether to ratify the MAPE contract. This was the contract that was agreed to after a two-week strike last fall, but it’s not finalized until the Legislature ratifies it, and things do not look good. What’s the hold-up? Domestic partner benefits, something that’s par for the course in most major Minnesota companies but apparently causes some serious conniption fits in our legislators. Unbelievable.



Matt Sergeant, the Perl & XML genius who’s brought us wonderful things like AxKit and XML::SAX, has released AxPoint, a Perl module for generating PDF presentation-type documents from XML sources. This will be perfect for a couple presentations I’ve got coming up. (More on that later.)


XML, Network Design, and Content Management

A little essay I’ve written: XML, Network Design, and Content Management.

For some time now, I’ve been thinking about content management systems that we could use for our web sites at work. From the start, I looked at using XML. Initially this may have been because I was just learning about XML and was eager to put it to use. More than that, I knew that data stored as XML could be usefully transformed with things like XSLT into a variety of formats, which sounded like exactly what we needed.

Now that I’ve been actively working with XML for a couple years, I keep coming back to the idea of using it in a content management system. Why? Am I falling prey to the buzzwords and to the enticements of working with cool technologies? Does the XML hammer make everything look like a nail, or is XML honestly a critical part of a sensible solution?



FormMail: don’t use it!

Hey, another SPAM hole in FormMail. There’s a surprise.

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