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Pets and laptops, maybe not so good a combination.

Catching up on my weblog reading, I notice an interesting coincidence: iBooks don’t get thirsty and a cute picture gone horribly wrong. Ouch.



Fugu is a graphical frontend to SFTP and SCP for Mac OS X. It can even set up an SSH tunnel. Excellent.

I felt weird just now writing those in all caps.


Farscape and Buffy

I’ll probably raise the ire of more than a few by writing this, but I’m kinda glad that Farscape and Buffy are coming to an end. Both were excellent but have been on the decline the past year or two. I’ve enjoyed very little of either show’s past season. I’ve continued to watch because I have held out hope that things would improve, but in my heart of hearts I’ve just been wishing that the shows would end while they were at least moderately good.

Farscape in particular seems to have been suffering from jumpy, uncoordinated writing. On the other hand, the last couple episodes have been rather good, and although it hasn’t aired in the US yet, it seems the series finale was excellent. Too bad that it was supposed to be just the season finale. So maybe there was hope, but… oh well.


Glasshaus and Friends of ED gone.

Seems the parent company for publishers Glasshaus and Friends of ED has been declared insolvent, so everyone’s shutting down. Damn shame. Wrox, too. Yikes.


Best of The Perl Journal, Vol. 2.

It hasn’t appeared on their home page or available through Amazon yet, but it looks as if O’Reilly has published the second volume of the “Best of the Perl Journal” trilogy: Web, Graphics & Perl/Tk. Woo-hoo!


Bush warns Bush

Among those critical of President Bush’s unilateral action against Iraq is the other President Bush.

In an ominous warning for his son, Mr Bush Sr said that he would have been able to achieve nothing if he had jeopardised future relations by ignoring the UN. “The Madrid conference would never have happened if the international coalition that fought together in Desert Storm had exceeded the UN mandate and gone on its own into Baghdad after Saddam and his forces.”


Apocalypse 6.

I was out sick on Friday, but it’s not like I stayed offline over the weekend, so I don’t know how I missed it. Larry Wall’s released his latest Apocalypse, covering subroutines in Perl 6.


Yep, that’s me in a decade or two.

My father refuses to connect his computer to the Internet. Not for email, not for the Web, not for anything. Because he’s computer-ignorant? Hardly, he was a programmer for many years. In that time, though, he developed a healthy paranoia about networking. Maybe because he worked on a lot of highly sensitive military projects, which skewed his perspective (or enlightened it, depending on your perspective). Donno. Either way, the only time we had his blessing for a computer in our house to connect to an external machine was when I was a little kid and he connected to the mainframe at work to do work-related things and to let me play games. (That, by the way, is how I learned to type, read, and play blackjack all at the same time.)

Mind you, we did it anyway. My younger brother ran a BBS or two on the sly (housed at a friend’s place), and I spent a whole lotta time on local BBS, Usenet, and Fidonet. We just did it with our own computers late at night, when Dad wouldn’t notice the phone line tied up.

All that was years ago, before the Internet exploded into public consciousness, and my dad still doesn’t connect up. Considering this is how I make my living, I view this with an odd mixture of bemusement and respect.

When I read this email message from Nathan Steiner’s father, I thought that maybe it’s a very good thing that my dad remains an Internet hermit. At least I don’t get email like this. Just the occasional weirdly erudite voicemail, quoting from Genesis to support or criticize something or other. Then I got to thinking that my dad would never write email like that. It’s more like something I would do.

Oh god. I’m going to write things like this to my son.


Owen’s famous! After a fashion.

This photo of Owen and me reading is one of my favorites. He loves so much to be read to, and I love reading with him. I think it really comes across in that picture.

Apparently others agree. It’s now on the home page for St. Cloud State University’s Department of Child and Family Studies.


Thoughts on Smarty.

A couple months ago I started using Smarty, a templating system for PHP. It’s something that I’d meant to do for a long time but kept getting distracted by other things, namely an overwhelming workload. Finally, an opportunity to work with a student intern gave me the excuse I needed to make the time. It’s been an interesting ride.

Read more about Smarty… I moved this entry there because I was tired of futzing with the markup within Movable Type.

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