With Mozilla’s support for the link element, you might be wondering how to use it. Wonder no more.

Now, how can I reconfigure this blog to take advantage of link? Doesn’t take much to imagine flipping back and forth between entries or months. I might have to move away from GreyMatter, though, which I’ve been considering anyway.

One of the things that attracted me to GreyMatter was that it creates static HTML pages instead of making database queries, which made for much faster response times. Now that I’ve moved back to PHP, though, and added that news sidebar, that benefit’s pretty much shot. And since it’s too much of a pain to add my own HTML to entries and still produce valid code, and since I’ve been thinking about producing the same content in multiple versions, well it may be time to move on already.

So now I’m on the search again. Maybe I’ll turn to Blogger after all. Or just write my own. Or hack GreyMatter’s code, if the license lets me. There’s a whole lot that I like about GreyMatter to just throw it away. Time will tell. It’ll most likely come down to what I have the patience to work on.