Star Wars rocked. I’m sure that there are gonna be some complaints from among the scarier fans about certain things, and sure there were things that annoyed me, but big deal. Who’s gonna like every second of a 2+ hour movie? On the whole, Episode II is great. Good action sequences, kinda dragging love story, really cool to see how the groundwork for the original 3 is being laid, not as bad a plot as many critics have been saying… I loved it. Definitely worth seeing. Not that there’s much choice for Star Wars fans, I suppose.

I’d write more but don’t want to spoil it for those who weren’t at the theater at midnight.

One thing was disappointing: I don’t think it sold out! The line for ticket holders stayed pretty constant at around 50 people up until 10pm, at which point people started getting in line. They were still selling tickets at 11:30, though. Sheesh. When Episode IV was rereleased, it was a madhouse. This was pitiful.