Minnesota weblogs.

I was chatting with a coworker yesterday and mentioned my weblog. He wrote, “I hadn’t even heard of blogs before last months wired mag … now I’m bein’ referred to a colleague’s.” Well, here are a few more.

Weblogs have been so much in the news lately that I forget that not everyone knows what they are, much less follows several (or several dozen). It does make me question whether the Powers That Be will be interested in the idea of blogging the MnSCU IT conference, since they may not even know what weblogs are in the first place. I suspect that if there’s enough interest in it from a few people like our college webmasters, we’ll just have to do it to show 1) that it can be done, and 2) whether it’s worthwhile. There’s a strong chance that I’m the only one who’d be interested.