One: Rob Flickenger’s comments about installing IE 5.2 for Mac OS X have convinced me not to bother with the upgrade. I’ll stick with Mozilla, Chimera, and maybe give OmniWeb another shot. In the occasional instance where I need to use a site that refuses access to Mozilla, I’ll use IE 5.1. Then fire off an email to the webmaster of the offending site.

Two: Digest authentication in Mozilla has been giving me a headache. It seems to work just fine for GET requests, but Mozilla asks me to re-enter my credentials for every POST. That gets to be damn annoying. Maybe I’m missing something in the preferences somewhere, but as a user I expect the browser to act like it does with Basic Authentication: remember my username and password throughout the session. Not sure what’s going on here, have to do some digging through Bugzilla and maybe set up some tests so I can observe the transaction. Perhaps it’s a server setup thing.