Sadly, this session was a bust. I think I’m gonna ditch it in favor of Mark-Jason Dominus’s Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags. I’ve wanted to see him speak for a long time, and was tempted to attend this session anyway, but since I’ve been looking at upgrading to Apache 2 as soon as both mod_perl and PHP are stable, I thought I’d see what was up in the Apache session. There wasn’t a whole lot new mentioned, or things that I couldn’t easily find out elsewhere, though. So I skipped out.

I did glean a few useful things, though:

  • If you’re just running standard modules and aren’t using deprecated directives, you can pretty much build it and go. Very little new is involved in the migration. Covalent has a Perl script that you can use to convert the httpd.conf to Apache 2.0. Not perfect, but nice.
  • PATH_INFO is not available by default, which breaks a lot of PHP code. Use AcceptPathInfo On to make it available.
  • mod_perl and PHP are not yet ready on Apache 2. I knew this, but have been uncomfortable about the silence from the PHP folk on the matter.
  • It may someday be possible to run more than one SSL server per IP, e.g. for each virtual host. But not yet, and don’t hold your breath. Browser support isn’t expected until server support is there, and it’s not yet.
  • I am very excited about running different virtual hosts as different users. But that’s not ready yet, either.
  • mod_gzip has become mod_deflate in 2.0.
  • More upgrading information is on the Apache site.