MacASP 1.0 is now available. For €299.

Why? I mean, what on earth does this do for us? I suppose it might be helpful to those still running OS 8 or 9, but for far less than €299 you could upgrade to OS X and run Apaceh and PHP. If you have old hardware that can’t support OS X, you can run Linux.

OK, so maybe running a Linux server makes no sense for the “home users and low profit organizations” that are apparently the target market. Too, I suppose MacASP could be useful for those ASP junkies who for some reason are forced to run on old Mac hardware and want the comfort of a familiar environment. Even that doesn’t make much sense, since “MacASP language is NOT compatible with Microsoft ASP”.

I don’t know. I imagine that there’s a small market penetration to be made. I am wholly unfamiliar with the pre-OS X Mac web server market. But heck, even small non-profits running Macs could do better than this.