Jesse Walker alerts us to DARPA‘s new Information Awareness Office — if the name isn’t enough to stir the conspiracy theorist in you, and if their leader John Poindexter doesn’t ring any bells, you gotta at least check out the logo.

Semiotically speaking, this is the most inept administration in years. Either that, or its art department is trying to tell us something.


Back when I worked as a coffee roaster, I was driving around one day with my boss Jeremy and we decided to stop by a recently-opened Dunn Bros Coffee for a cup. Company founder Ed Dunn happened to be there roasting; we chatted with Ed for a half-hour or so before leaving.

“Hmmm,” Jeremy mused as we drove away, “did you notice how he never once mentioned the Illuminati? Don’t you think that odd?”

Upon reflection, maybe I should never have loaned him Foucault’s Pendulum.