If you haven’t read Eric Meyer’s latest CSS book, you should. It’s excellent. Even if you already know everything he covers, which I’d guess a fair number of readers of this blog do, there’s something about how Eric writes that makes it seem fresh and worthwhile.

And guess what? He’s posted material written for the book that didn’t make the final cut. Of particular interest right now: “Tricking Browsers and Hiding Styles: Turning Browser Flaws to Our Advantage.”

I have been of two minds on this. On the one hand, easily hiding styles from Netsape 4.x by using @import or the media attribute is really handy and I do it all the time. For some reason, though, Tantek Çelik’s box model hack has always bothered me. I’ve generally preferred to move to designs that would push me toward that hack, which seemed to be going a bit over the edge. I don’t know why, maybe because I figured it’d cause problems somewhere down the road. Seeing these workarounds all together like this, though, laid out clearly and intelligently discussed, makes me feel a bit more comfortable with the idea.

I am such a sucker for packaging.