I very much like being able to track packages on UPS’s web site. It’s a great feature of the service. On their tracking page, they’ve recently started requiring you to check a box indicating that you agree to their terms and conditions before you can submit your tracking number(s). A slightly annoying extra step, but perhaps they’ve been experiencing some abuse. More than likely lawyers got involved and decided this was a good idea. Whatever. Click.

I noticed by chance today, though, that the link to their terms and conditions page is an image, not text. What’s more, the image is actually a form submit button.

Hm. Odd. And worse, there’s no alt text. I wonder why. Other links on that page are text links. A bleeding shame, since now that text is completely unavailable unless you are physically able to see the image. It’s certainly not to create valid HTML: <input> can contain an alt attribute, but not the width or height attributes, one of the reasons I’m generally not too fond of using images for submit buttons.

I’m not trying to rag too hard on UPS, though I will send them a nice note. Just thought it strange.