Ooh, guess what just made it to my wishlist: All Creatures Great and Small on DVD. Series 1 and Series 2 are out, it looks like Series 3 will be available before long.

I love this show. When Kiara was in Sweden for Christmas a couple years ago, my evenings consisted of pouring myself a glass of 20-year tawny port, dimming the lights, and watching episodes from the first season. It runs at such a completely different pace from anything else I’ve ever seen. If ever you find you need to slow down your life, All Creatures is for you. It might take some getting used to, especially if you’ve only been exposed to the frenetic whirlwind that is modern television, but take your time, kick back, and let yourself go. It is absolutely marvelous.

No, I never read the books. Probably should. They don’t have Peter Davison, though.

And did you know that there’s a BBC America Shop? Me neither.