Speaking of bad things happening in the Legislature, there’s a bill before the House (HF 341) to remove sexual orientation as a protected class in the Minnesota Human Rights Act and elsewhere. That is, GLBT Minnesotans would no longer be protected from discrimination in employment, housing, education, public accommodations, hate crimes, etc.

Being protected from discrimination does not mean that you have special privileges.

This seems to be happening with little debate. If this bill is approved, Minnesota would become the first state to ever extend then rescind protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. I remember well when these protections were first enacted. That was a joyful day. Let’s not go backwards and screw it up.

Turns out that this bill is being pushed by the Minnesota Family Council — an innocuous-sounding name for a right-wing Christian lobbyist organization. (Whenever anyone claims to uphold “Judeo-Christian principles” they usually mean “conservative Christian values” in the “nuke a godless, communist, gay baby seal for Christ” vein. Why is that?) Aided by misinformation, distortion, and exaggeration.

More information on OutFront Minnesota’s web site and the Twin Cities Independent Media Center, which I’ve just discovered. Do something about this. Please.