Kiara’s taken over Owen’s photo gallery. I just wasn’t keeping up with the steady stream of incoming photos. I toyed with setting up a photo gallery app that would automatically create the web pages for her, thumbnails and all, but in the end decided that it made more sense for her to just create and edit the pages herself using her photo software and Dreamweaver.

The problem is that the photo software-generated markup sucks. I considered post-processing the HTML, but if I’m going to go to all that trouble I might as well write the photo gallery app. Besides, Kiara’s pretty damn smart. On her first day tinkering with Dreamweaver, without any help from me she figured out more than some people I know who have been maintaining web sites for over two years. I came home to find her peering closely at the HTML, trying to determine why something wasn’t working right. Last night, after updating the February pictures, she mentioned that she’d figured out how to attach a style sheet.

Ye gods, she’s great.

So I don’t think it’ll take her long to figure out valid XHTML. I suppose that I could even help.