A couple months ago, my iBook battery died. Just seemed to stop taking a charge. For those who have little experience with iBooks, the end of the power cord glows orange while the battery is charging, green when it’s fully charged. All of a sudden, when I plugged in the iBook, it would glow orange for about 30 seconds, then turn green. But when I unplugged the laptop, it would immediately power down. Too, the battery monitor consistently showed 0% charge, with no sign of climbing.

Well, dang. I researched the problem, tried all the suggestions that I read, talked with the folks in the Apple store, and nothing worked. I was all set to buy a new battery, when all of a sudden yesterday I booted up the iBook for the first time in over a week, and it worked. The battery meter showed a 50% charge. It charged up to 100%, and right now I’m running quite happily on battery power. It’s at 83% and falling.

Weird. Good, but weird.