Harry Fuecks: “PHP5: Coming Soon to a Webserver Near You”, the clearest discussion I’ve read yet about what’s new in PHP5. I should start paying attention to this, now that betas are being released.

And while on topic, I might as well mention that Damian Conway’s Exegesis 6 has been published, demonstrating subroutines in Perl 6. If ever you held illusions that exegeses were more immediately accessible than their subject texta, Conway’s series should disavow you of that notion. As they and the Apocalypses progress, I’m having a harder and harder time following what’s going on. I think this is because each assumes a solid grounding in what’s come before, which I of course forget. Maybe some weekend I’ll sit down and read through them all succession. Then start writing with Perl 6 syntax, just to get the hang of it (CPAN modules make this possible).

In my dreams. Maybe I’d do this if I weren’t back in the “refamiliarizing myself with Java in my spare time” groove.