I wrote a few days ago about TortoiseSVN, a terrific Subversion client for Windows. It turns out that all this time that I’ve been complaining about Windows CVS clients that suck (I’m looking at you, WinCVS), I’ve been unaware of TortoiseCVS. Now if I must use the unfortunate combination of Windows and CVS, I can do so without too much pain.

Maybe it’s not fair to say that WinCVS sucks. But I hate it. When I find the twisted command line CVS options easier to work with than a GUI. when the GUI is a barrier to entry for something as basic as CVS, it’s a problem.

I still can’t find anything good for the Mac. Command line it is. Which is fine.

Update: Jason Long points me to CVL for the Mac, which looks like it would be good if it didn’t crash whenever I launch it.