The big band concert the other night was great fun. The place was packed, maybe the biggest crowd they’ve had yet, and the food was plentiful and not half bad. The band was fantastic. The only downside with its being a church band is that it gets some random vocalists, who each sing a song or two. Ye gods, some of them are bad. The band’s pianist has a wonderful voice, but everyone else who sang stank. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is. Luckily there were not many, and the band itself is so good that I can easily overlook a few minutes of uncomfortable anguish.

On the way out, we had ample opportunity to watch a lunar eclipse, as we were driving straight toward it. Marvellous. I had no idea that there was going to be an eclipse until Kiara wondered aloud, “Isn’t the moon smaller than it was 10 minutes ago?” While she warmed up with the band, I sat in the parking lot and watched the moon.

Owen’s birthday party on Sunday was a good time, too. I’m not a big one for parties so was nervous about having even a modest 11-16 people over, but Owen was having such an obviously good time and it was so good to see family and friends that it was no trouble at all. We’ve got some good photos, I think, so we’ll be passing those along to folks who missed it.