They’ve probably been there awhile, but I just noticed the “Blog This” links on some O’Reilly Network articles. For instance, the recent (and enlightening!) Panther Maintenance article sports the new link, right alongside the print, discuss, and email links. They include some suggested text and HTML to add the text to a weblog, along with the trackback URL.

I was at first taken aback by the presence of suggested blog text, but then I realized that a certain department weblog that I know of would have benefitted from just that sort of thing, as the blog maintainers didn’t always come up with good summary text. Actually, good titles were usually the problem. No help there.

Are there “Blog this” links on other web sites? This is the first time I’ve seen them, but I’m not always the most observant of fellows. It demonstrates a certain cluefulness amongst the folks at O’Reilly, as it’s one easy way to promote links to their site.