I’ve finally got around to watching the animated Doctor Who episodes on BBCi. What terrific fun. The animation’s not great, but effects never were the best on the show, so in a way it’s fitting. And besides, the webcast episodes feel like Doctor Who, and that’s what matters. They’re good stories. They make for good audio-only presentation.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve watched Doctor Who. Even longer since the heyday of my involvement in the local fan club, the now defunct Whoniversity of Minnesota. (Oh god.) Right around the time that Sylvester McCoy started playing the Doctor (or at least the time when those episodes first aired here in the US), I stopped watching TV and fell out of touch with the program.

Since I’ve got a long weekend and a project with hellish deadlines looming over me when I return to work on Monday, and since I’m none too thrilled with the idea of going to see a parade tomorrow, I’m enjoying the heck out of this time spent watching the new stories and exploring the BBC’s Doctor Who site. There’s some really good stuff there!