Starting tomorrow I’ll be at the Minnesota Government IT Symposium. If you’ll be there, drop me a line (sam at afongen dot com). Or just look for me: I’ll be the hostile-looking guy in the corner, wishing there weren’t so many frelling people.

I see that there will be a wireless network. Good; I was worried. In fact, “the network will blanket the RiverCentre and extend up to 30 miles away!” Show-offs. Now I can take notes with SubEthaEdit and see if anyone joins in. ‘Course, how much do you want to bet that I’ll be the only one there with a Mac?

The Symposium itself looks mostly worthwhile. I just couldn’t bring myself to attend the day-long seminar on government web sites (“Usability, Ethics, and Accessibility”): I would have been bored out of my mind. I figure the project management seminar will be more useful for professional development. I’m still trying to make my mind up about some of the shorter concurrent sessions. As usual, there are some times when none of the sessions grab me, others where I can’t decide between several.

Speaking of conferences, it’s been suggested that I submit a proposal to do a session on web accessibility at an upcoming conference. It’s a good idea ⅀ I’m all for faculty learning more about how to make their online course materials more accessible, and I know that I could do a compelling session — but I don’t think that I’ll submit a proposal. My mind is so very elsewhere right now, mostly immersing myself in the fun-filled world of Java web development. Maybe I’ll try to do something at ITeach, which comes later this spring.