Another web site I’ve been following for the last few months is The Panda’s Thumb. It’s a good way to keep on top of the antievolution “intelligent design” movement: what they’re doing, the arguments they raise, and how those arguments trounced by good, solid science. And hey, I learn a lot about biology while I’m there.

A recent post by Mike Dunford almost moved me to tears: The importance of education, on just why it’s worth making a fuss about attacks on our science curriculum:

Children matter. The students that we educate today are going to be the teachers and scientists of the future. They deserve nothing less from us than the best education that we can give them – and that means that we should encourage their curiosity, and provide honest answers to their questions. What they do not deserve is to have their education used as some sort of tool to gain leverage in a perceived “culture war”.

Children matter.