Kiara and I are taking Owen to Corn Days in Long Lake this weekend. Growing up, there was only one reason to go: corn. Lots and lots of hot, buttered corn on the cob. I don’t know what an all-you-can-eat ticket costs, but it’s worth it. Now that I have a kid, I have two reasons to go:

  • Corn. Lots and lots of corn.
  • Fun stuff for Owen. There’s a parade, there’s a petting zoo. And he does like the corn.

A coworker heard me mention Corn Days and got all excited. “Ooh, are there all sorts of different foods made from corn?” No. Just corn. “Is there…?” No, just corn. She looked disappointed.

I wasn’t being fair. There might be something else, but I don’t care. As far as I know, unless you like corn on the cob or have young kids, there’s not much reason to go. I’ll report back anyway.