Just a few days ago I was bemoaning the absence of a Perl Advent Calendar this year. I didn’t moan too loud, though, because I know it’s a lot of work and frankly I don’t have the time to do it myself, either.

A short while later, Drew McLellan launched 24 ways to impress your friends with web development tips and tricks. Nice.

I started to wonder if there were a Ruby Advent calendar. As it turned out, no. But then Joey deVilla started posting one (archived in the Ruby section over there on the Farm).

Today I read that there is an alternative Perl Advent calendar, put together by a kind soul with hopefully adequate time.

I never celebrated or observed Advent growing up, but I sure do now!

Update: Now there’s a Catalyst Advent Calendar, too. I do miss mod_perl.

Update: And a Symfony Advent calendar. Which reminds me that I need to look at Symfony.