I have to transfer a tape to CD — actually, to MP3 then to CD. Anyone have good ideas for how best to do this?

We have been playing Salman Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories for Owen when he goes to bed at night. From the day he was born until about when he turned three, we played a National Geographic lullabies CD for him, both for his afternoon nap and at his bedtime (yes, Garrick, that’s why I thought you might like it). He started to resist the CD at naptime, though, (“No! I’m not tired!”) so we switched to Haroun. It’s a wonderful story. We used to keep several extra copies on hand just to give away. The audio version is actually read by Salman Rushdie, and Owen loves it. But it doesn’t seem to be available on CD, which I would prefer because then we could avoid the loud “clunk” of the tape stopping that wakes the boy up when he’s almost asleep. Plus, eventually it’s just going to wear out and I’d like an archival copy.