On the latest Pro::PHP Podcast, Marcus Whitney interviewed Microsoft’s Brian Goldfarb and Joe Stagner about PHP on Windows.

PHP developers may have already heard this interview (if not, why not? It’s a good podcast!). I wanted to be sure to mention it here because just as I think it’s useful and important for PHP programmers to separate the language from the LAMP platform and get away from knee-jerk reactions against anything having to do with “M$”, I believe that .NET developers should hear discussion from within Microsoft of non-Microsoft languages on their platform and how that might be a Good Thing. Good stuff.

I haven’t talked or written much about it, but I like a lot of what I see in .NET. Microsoft has done a far, far better job than Sun (or Oracle, or IBM…) at marketing to developers. I’m still not about to take much time to play around with .NET, since I don’t have a Windows box at home and have better things to do with my time at work, but it is compelling. I’ll probably watch some of the webcasts at learn2asp.net, and who knows? Maybe I’ll get Mono up and running on my Mac, although I think it’s too early for .NET 2.0 on Mono at this point, right?

Of course, first comes more Ruby, more PHP 5, then Smalltalk, Lisp, Haskell, Erlang… oh, and raising two kids. Do you see my problem? :)

Go listen to the interview.