A few events I won’t be able to attend but that might catch your geeky interest.

First, tomorrow at the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Java SIG, Tom Enebo and Charles Nutter, leads for the JRuby project, will be talking about JRuby. Dynamic languages that run on the JVM are becoming more and more interesting to me, so I wish I could make it to this one, especially since I missed their JRuby presentation for the local Ruby users group. (Side note: Tim Bray recently managed to get Sun to donate a couple Sun Ultra 20s to the project, which will help nicely.)

Next week on April 18, another local Object Technology User Group event: Ryan Asleson and Nathaniel T. Schutta will be talking about Ajax. Asleson and Schutta are the authors of Foundations of Ajax, which has come recommended to me. I can’t make it because I’ll be up at our MnSCU IT conference, settling in quaffing a few and preparing my own Ajax talk.

Also on the 18th, the Twin Cities OWASP Chapter is meeting. This time they’re in Roseville, in the offices of Integral Business Solutions. I’m glad to see them a bit closer to me instead of out in the western suburbs. Unfortunately, I still can’t go since I’ll be in Brainerd. Rats! But maybe you can. I recommend it; the OWASP chapter is really taking shape.