The Java Posse have posted a delightful three-part interview with Van Simmons of the ComputeCycles Project: one (#82), two (#84) and three (#86). This is an excellent introduction to Jini. I’ve been excited about Jini since it was first announced, but it kinda fell off the radar for a while and I haven’t pursued it. I might grumble about working with Java (okay I do more than grumble!), but to my mind Jini rescues it from the dustbin. I just haven’t had need for it at work, which is no excuse, and I spend as little of my free time as possible working with Java. That might change. The whole area of distributed computing  intrigues me deeply. That and concurrency; it’s about time I read Java Concurrency in Practice, which is just collecting dust on my shelf.

Also of note, a presentation about Jini by Daniel Steinberg, “Beyond the Choir.”