I almost forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I appeared on Small Bytes, a technology-related podcast out of Saint Cloud State University (direct link to MP3).
We talked about what “afongen” means, what the heck I do for a living, Erlang and concurrency, and then they start asking me questions about things I don’t really know about: the security awareness program that Minnesota State Colleges and Universities is starting up, and Second Life. That went on way too long — Al is really the one to talk to about Second Life — but on the whole the conversation was fun.

They started Small Bytes as a proof of concept, exploring how to do podcasting and ways it could be used at the university. Since then they’ve found a few; the Women on Wednesday series is sometimes amazing. I’ve found it a fun little view onto campus, even though I want to pound my head into a wall whenever they talk about open source. Check it out.