Registration is open for the one-day OWASP conference we’re holding on the Saint Paul campus of the University of Minnesota. It’s not free as we’d hoped it would be, but it’s still only $25. Not bad for a day of web application security. Here’s the speaker list:

  • Jeff Williams, OWASP founder and CEO of Aspect Security.
  • Arshan Dabirsiaghi from Aspect Security will speak about the new OWASP Intrinsic Security Working Group, which focuses on addressing root causes of application security problems.
  • Anil Kumar Revuru from Microsoft will talk about the Microsoft Connected Information Security Framework and Tools.
  • Brian Chess of Fortify Software will speak about static analysis and its role in improving software security.
  • Elliot Glazer from DTCC, on information security architecture layers and key processes.
  • Corey Benninger from the Intrepidus Group will give us real-world phishing examples.
  • Richard Stallman will talk about… well, whatever Richard Stallman talks about. Later that evening he will give another talk at the U.

Good stuff. We probably won’t be able to handle on-site registration if you just walk in that day, and space is limited (we’ll be in the theater at the student center), so register in advance.