Mike Janke has blog. About damn time.

When I fled the dark days of human resources (don’t ask) and joined IT, one of the best things about my new job was that I got to work for Mike. (No, I no longer do.) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone ask, “what the hell is he doing working for the State?” He not only knows his shit, he thinks deeply about it.

He has written some of my favorite email ever.

Yesterday was a rather disappointing day.

It appears as though a large number of highly paid, competent ITS professionals succumbed to the ID10t factor, and clicked on an instant messenger worm. The IT staff who got the message with the worm were asked by their desktop if they wished to run the virus. Most of them said yes & ran the executable code.

It gets better than that, but I really shouldn’t share the good bits.

He’s also responsible for something that still makes me laugh whenever I think of it.

During a bit of a crisis last fall, a few of our network and server admins were gathered around the phone on a support call with Microsoft.

“Sorry if we don’t do this right,” I heard one of them say. “We’ve been a Novell shop for 20 years and have never had to call tech support. We don’t know how.”

His inaugural post, Tethered, is one reason I’ve been hoping he would start a blog. Without calling out the Sun slogan by name, he explores how the network is the computer and where the iPhone and the Zonbu fit in. Zonbu, you ask? So did I. It’s pretty damn cool. If you go read the post, I promise I’ll get off my ass and finally write a response.

Later posts will appeal to the systems management dorks among you. (<cough>Coté</cough>).

I mentioned to Kiara that Mike’s blogging. She’s met him maybe once or twice. Her response? “About damn time.” Yeah.